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Aspirin production

Aspirine production

Note: in step 11 and 17 we used normal filtration not vacuum filtration





Dry crystals of aspirin took it from filter paper after the filtration process


Quantity of crystal aspirin in gram



Results of qualitative test of FeCl3 with salicylic acid (purple) and aspirin (not purple)


Aspirin powder


Lab scale for aspirin production Poster.pptx

Another trial for aspirin production(22/11/2022)

In order to avoid any obstructive problems that may appear in pilot plant scale production , we repeated this trial(same procedure).

The experiment shows that there is a need to increase the time of crystallization with mixing for about 20 min so that the yield increases

(in comparison with the last trial where the time of crystallization was 15 min without mixing).

Here are the results after drying, weighing and FeCl3 testing :