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Pilot scale system test


1. Turning on the systeme through the Control panel till reaching the expected temperature and pressure.

2. Opening the Valves (fermenter and purification tanks) to complete the sterilization test.

3. Opening the manual valve to insure the steam is exist. 


video autoclave test part 1

Video autoclave test part 2




  004: Aspirin Production System Test (Water test)



Step Description



System is OFF


TURNING ON the system


Turn ON the control panel


The system is ON

Switch on the mixer 1 (tank 1 : Reactor)

Turn on the mixer 1 from the control panel 

(Reactor--->Mixer ON)

Mixer 1 is ON and start Mixing the Water (Reactor)

Open the valve V1 (tank1 : Reactor)

Open the valve V1 to transfer the mixture from tank 1 (reactor) to tank 2 (cooler)

(Reactor---->Reactor valve V1) 

The Water is transferred to Cooler (tank 2)

Open the valve 6 (tank 3 : HOT WATER)

Open the valve V6 to add water from HOT WATER TANK (tank 3) to the cooler (tank 2)


-The water is in the cooler (tank 2)


-the flow sensor not working

Open the valve V2 (tank 2: Cooler)

Turn ON the pump 1 

Open the valve V2 to transfer the Water from cooler (tank 2) to crystallizer (tank 4)

(cooler---->cooler pump 1)

(cooler---->cooler valve V2)

The Water are transferred to the crystallizer (tank 4)

PS: pump 1 stopped pumping

Switch on the mixer 2 (tank 4 : Crystallizer)

Turn on the mixer from the control panel 

(Crystallizer--->Mixer ON)

 Mixer 2 is ON and start Mixing the Water Crystallizer (tank 4)

Open the valve V3 (tank 4: Crystallizer)

Open the valve V3 to transfer the Water from crystallizer (tank 4) to the filter (tank 5)

(crystallizer---->crystallizer valve V3)

The Water transferred to the filter (tank 5)

Open the valve V7 (TANK 3: HOT WATER)

Open the valve V7 to add water from HOT WATER TANK (tank 3) to filter tank(tank 5) 


The Water transferred to filter tank (tank 5)

Open the valve V5 (tank 5: Filter)

Turn ON the pump 2

Open the valve V5 The Water is pumped from tank 5 to tank 4 for the second crystallization

(filter---->filter Valve V5)

Water transferred to the crystallizer (tank 4)

PS: pump 2 stopped pumping

switching OFF the system

switch OFF the system

the system is OFF


system is OFF


Overall Review: In this test we've noticed leak in HOT WATER TANK, pumps stopping from pumping (fixed confirmed),  Temperature sensor breaked need to release the pressure from the sensor and we need to make a vent for air pressure in tank 3 (Cooler).

in the next test we will fix all those problems and try another test with water only.


Video004: Testing Valves, mixers and pumps (water test 3) 1/12/2023