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Pilot scale system test



Step Description

Expected Results



System is off



open the valves   

open the valves from the control panel

Release the air from the system  


Switch on the system


Turn on the system from the control panel


THE SYSTEM IS heating the water till reach 121°c

the system temperature reach 120°c and pressure 1088 pa 

Sterilization the fermenter

Open the fermenter valve

The steam is filling the fermenter


Sterilization the whole system

Open the last valve to sterilize last 2 tanks  

Pressure should reach 2 atm and temperature 121 °c

 temperature reach 108°c for tank 1 to the last tank 

Open the exit pipe

Operate the exit pipe to open through the control panel

Pressure should decrease and the steam vent off the system

 positive ( the pressure and temperature decrease after the exit pipe is opened)


System off the system

 system is off



1. Turning on the systeme through the Control panel till reaching the expected temperature and pressure.

2. Opening the Valves (fermenter and purification tanks) to complete the sterilization test.

3. Opening the manual valve to insure the steam is exist. 


video autoclave test part 1

Video autoclave test part 2