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Pilot scale test specification

Autoclave System Test Specification



Please read these instructions thoroughly. This will make sure you obtain full safe use, Keep this instruction manual in a handy place for future reference.


 Filling the tank 

  1. Make sure all valves are closed
  2. Make sure the power is turned off
  3. Connect the water valve to autoclave
  4. Open the water to fill the tank (amount of water should be between 60-70%)
  5. Closed the valve for water filling


Safety precaution

The hot water (121 °c) could suffer of second-degree burns


Autoclave operation method 

1-Ensure all sanitary connections

2-Fill the autoclave tank in water

3-Plug the control system

4-check the control system if it's works properly

5-Operate the heater

6- Wait till the water transform to steam, operate the valve system to open

7-After finishing, Operate the pipe to open (to decrease the pressure)


System testcases

001: test the resistor of the autoclave



Step Description

Expected Result


System is off


Switch on the system

Turn on the heater

The water degree starts to going up to reach 121°c

Switch off the system.

Turn off the heater

The water will remain warm and could last for 5-6h


System is off





Step Description

Expected Result


System is off


open the valves   

open the valves from the control panel

Release the air from the system  

Switch on the system


Turn on the system from the control panel


THE SYSTEM IS heating the water till reach 121°c

Sterilization the fermenter

Open the fermenter valve

The steam is filling the fermenter

Sterilization the whole system

Open the last valve to sterilize last 2 tanks  

Pressure should reach 2 atm and temperature 121 °c

Open the exit pipe

Operate the exit pipe to open through the control panel

Pressure should decrease and the steam vent off the system


System off the system

 system is off