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Alternative Energy Demonstration Cycle (NLAP-WEDC)


Filter system improvement (Electrofilter)


EIA proposal for NLAP-IPP mobile incinerator for Lebanese Environmental Ministry (docx) (Last update: 6.9.2022)

زيارة وزير البيئة اللبناني ناصر ياسين عند المحطة في 31.08.22 (videos) 



Moving of NLAP-IPP to Mina (Masjid as-Salam area)

NLAP-IPP Comissioning at Masjid as-Salam/Tripoli



NLAP-IPP Comissioning at Masjid as-Salam/Tripoli (docx)

Posters on the incinerator



Presentation for official sites

Technical and Environmental Aspects of Incineration Power Plant NLAP-IPP at Masjid as-Salam (pptx) 

Photovoltaics Project Ras Nhache 2012 

Electrofilter Measurement with Rogowski Coil (pdf)

Electrofilter Measurement with Rogowski Coil (docx)


Reporting of all activities concerning NLAP-WEDC 2012-2020

NLAP-WEDC Final Report (2012-2020) (pdf) 

NLAP-WEDC  Final Report (docx) Part 1,

NLAP-WEDC  Final Report (docx) Part 2

Automated PV Solar Panel (pdf)

NLAP-WEDC Operation Manual (pdf)

NLAP Alternative Energy Cycle 2019: Wind Turbine, Ash Recycling Unit, Comissioning of Recycling Unit, Fuel Burner

Fuel Burner - doc

Fuel Burner Poster (pdf)

Design of 5kW Wind Turbine (poster as pdf) (please click)


Report: Concept for a 5 kW Wind Turbine in Tripoli/Lebanon



  تنقية الدخان في معامل تفكك حراري (Flue Gas Purification) (as pdf)









NLAP-WEDC 2018: Ash Recycling Unit, Electrolysis Unit, Environmental Assessment for Rayhaniyye Camp (تقييم اثر بيئي), Waste Gas (Methane) Liquification


Waste Gas (Methane) Liquification


 Environment Impact Assessment for Srar/Akkar (450t/day)





Permission to move to Ras Masqa



 Transportation to Rayhaniyye Camp


Environment Impact Assessment for Rayhaniyye Camp



   Electrolysis Unit in Laboratory







TEMO-IPP 2017: Concept for Ash Recycling, concept for desalting unit, Concept for gas turbine unit

chemical ash recycling



                                                                                       Schematic of a multistage flash desalinator

                                                                                                                   A – steam in, B – seawater in, C – potable water out, D – waste out, E – steam out
                                                                                                                   F – heat exchange, G – condensation collection, H – brine heater

sea water desalting unit for condensor cooling cycle

NLAP Waste Gas Power Plant (NLAP-WGPP)

المشروع يهدف الى ايجاد محطة كهربائية متنقلة تعمل بعنفة (توربين) غازية تغزى من غاز الميثان الذي يخرج من مطمرة نفايات عضوية








TEMO-IPP on mobile platform

Flue Gas Purification Unit of TEMO-IPP




see Master Thesis Banan Kerdi


see Master Thesis Fatima Hamed

FEM simulations

CFD simulations


 TEMO-IPP 2014 (محطة تعمل تولد كهرباء عن طريق التفكك الحراري)

temo-ipp_vogelperspektive_filmstart.jpg - 33.34 KB

 video clip of finished demonstration power plant at Ras Nhache (Nov 2014) 


TEMO-IPP in media:

Article in Lebanese News paper An-Nahar, July 2015



مقابلة مع إذاعة الفجر  اللبنانية 29 تموز 2015



Interview with Lebanese MTV and kataeb.org on 5 August 2015



مقال في الجريدة الالكترونية المدن عن المشروعفي تشرين الثاني 2015









Cooperations with industry

AECENAR cooperates with the German company TEMO in the "TEMO STPP Solar-thermal power plant project".


Time Scale of the TEMO-STPP/IPP project 2008-2013


2004 - 2008

2008 – Feb 2010

Feb 2010 – December 2013


Studies and Pre-Development

Pre-Development of test rig



TEMO, VaEf (institute of AECENAR), KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

TEMO, AECENAR, KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)



1st TEMO-STPP Project Report

2nd TEMO-STPP Project Report

Animation (Film) of a planned 200 kW TEMO-STPP Test rig

 TEMO-STPP, 3rd and 4th project report

Project Planning

Project state and timetable 2008, sheet 5

Business plan 2011-13,  project status Dec 2013



Further infomation: see http://temo-ek.de/6.html