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Elektolyser Systeme Requirements

The parts of the electrolyser

  1. The electrodes
    1. Not corrosive to KOH
    2. Able to withstand the electolysis temperature
    3. Thick egouph to withstand the pressing (the pressing of the screw rods)
    4. Thick enough to press the gasget so that no gas can exit
  2. The membrane
    1. Isolate for water and gas
    2. allows the ions to pass through so that electrolysis takes place when the current is connected.
  3. The gasket 
    1. dont let any gas or liquid exit from the cells
  4. The power supply
    1. DC the corrent that pass through one cell have to be about 140 A DC and weh ave to test how much voltage is needed to make that
    2. Able to let the electrolyser generates enough hydrogene so that we can burn it .
  5. The pipe systeme
    1. Temperature resistante to 100 degree celius
    2. Not KOH corrosive
    3. The connections have to resist the gas pressure without let gas exit through
  6. The pumps
    1. Pressure have tob e sufficiant to fill the cells and not too high fort he pipe system
  7. The valves
    1. Able to close completely
    2. Able to be controled from the GUI
    3. Dont need a minimum pressure to open or close
    4. Resist to temperature , pressure and KOH