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Ashes Recycling System Test Specifications

Before using

  • All valves are turned off
  • The motor is turned off

Follow these steps

  1. Turn on the motor (M1)
  2. In the mixture put 338 Kg of Ashes with 1690 L 0f acid of 15.8 mol/l of concentration
  3. Turn on the motor (M2)
  4. Open the pump (P2) to reach the column with 44 l of ash mixed with nitric acid
  5. When the level of liquid in the column reaches the top left nozzle (a) . Turn on the valve (V2) to set the flow rate of the mixture
  6. Turn on the pump (P1) to put the LIX (LIX® 984N )
  7. When the level of liquid reaches the top left nozzle (b). Turn on the valve (V1) to set the extractant flowrate
  8. Allow the interface to form between the top mesh (a) and the top left nozzle (b). The interface appears as an immiscible layer between acid and extractant with droplets
  9. Once the interface is formed in the desired location, close the valve (V1) slowly until there are flowrates out of the column
  10. To keep the flowrates equal between the inputs and the output 2, adjust the valve (V3) to set the output flowrate


Download Ashes Recycling Plant Test Specifications File:

Ashes Recycling Test specifications (.docx)


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