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Electrolyser System Test Specification


Please read these instructions thoroughly. This will make sure you obtain full safe use, Keep this instruction manual in a handy place for future reference.

  Nitrogen purging

  1. Make sure the circuit is closed (all valves are closed)
  2. Make sure the power is turned off
  3. Connect the Nitrogen tank to the system
  4. Open Nitrogen tank valve

The amount of nitrogen needed for this process is based on how many times pressurized purges are needed to reduce the unwanted contaminant to the desired level.

  1. Disconnect the nitrogen.


  1. Make sure that the water tank has 60 liters of water
  2. Make sure that the KOH tank has 60 liters of KOH

  Safety precaution

Storage of H2 is dangerous, for this reason, it should be burned using a fuel burner.


Electrolysis operation method

1- Ensure all sanitary connections

2- Fill the first tank with distilled water

3- Fill the second tank with KOH mixture with pH = 13.47

4- Ensure that all electrical connections are made, with no electricity connected to the device

5- Filling the device completely with nitrogen gas, starting with the entry of nitrogen gas at the electrodes and its exit from the hydrogen and oxygen vents, passing through the condensate

6- Operation of the distilled water pump

7- Operation of the KOH mixture pump

8- Connect electricity (continuous power) to the device

9- Wait a while and then start collecting the hydrogen and oxygen gases produced separately by connecting the outlets to specific tanks or connecting them directly to the burner.


For more information please download the following files:

Electrolysis Test Specifications (.docx)

Electrolyser Operation Manuel (.docx)

Electrolyser Operation Manuel (.pdf)


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