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TO DO list prepared after 27-2-2023: 

Project TO do  Description responsibility Due date status 
AGRI-TUK 2 (Red) Fixing the batteries Batteries to be more fixed in the cabin  Othman or Abdalla khatib   DONE
Use nuts with lock  to fix the solar panel stand when driving in offroads Abdalla khatib   DONE

Design of Hitch upper tension rod 

to push down the agriculture machine in the soil  

Force Parallelogram for agriculture machine(subsoiling) (1 Day ) Othman and jihad  6-3-23  
FreeCAD design using electrical motor (1 Day )   7-3-23 DONE
Mechanical Realization (3 Days ) - 250$   10-3-23   
Laboratory Test (1 Day)      11-3-23  
Field sample  (2 Days )    14-3-23  
Field Test (1 Day)     15-3-23  
Modification of batteries Use bigger batteries to ensure better performance in long trips Abdalla kassem   CANCEL
Finishing the control handle for lifting and pushing down the machine finishing the control board and handle arm for the blue TukTuk and the red one with a simple circuit Raja 24/4/23 DONE
Welding the motor shaft to the universal joint welding the universal joint to motor to ensure a good rotational motion Othman 24/4/23 DONE
Buying a mini tractor tension rods  These rods should be stronger to face the Agriculture machine drag force Othman  24/4/23 DONE
Buying a new Motor for the red tuktuk Using a stronger motor up to 4500w of power for the Trac-tukuk   Jihad 26/4/23 DONE
Finishing the new controller  after the first prototype of the hitch lifter control, we should shift to the arduino control system  Ahmad Dannawi  31/5/2023 P
Fixing the hitch motor shaft  the shaft should be changed and well assembled   Othman 31/5/2023 DONE
zero slope hitch motor Modifying the Hitch motor slope and return it to the horizontal direction   Othman 31/5/2023 DONE
Wires well installed and controller fixing Finishing the work on the first prototype of the hitch lifter controller  Mohamad Bachir 29/5/2023 DONE
Painting the agriculture system painting the hitch, motor stand, subsoiling machine, and tension rods... with red paint  Abdallah Khatib 29/5/2023 DONE
Stickers printing printing stickers for every electric switch in english Jihad 29/5/2023 OPEN
Finishing and testing the Irrigation system Assemble and install the irrigation system to the tuktuk and test it  Jihad, Othman 31/5/2023 DONE
Grass cutter installing the tuktuk with a 12v grass cutter motor and axe  Jihad , Othman 24/6/2023 DONE
Front suspension modification Install a 2 wheels front suspension for more grip  Jihad , mstr Ali Awad  31/7/2023 OPEN
جعل solar panels stand اكثر اماناً عبر تعديل الزواية الحادة Modify the sharp  and unsafe angle of solar panels corners of the solar panels    Abo Abed     
 تثبيت solar panels stand و تزويدة بالكوتشوك لتخفيف الصوت To reduce the noise, and for no panel damage    Abo Abed     
رفع الsolar panels stand من الامام
To avoid the contact between the stand and the front wheels   Abo Abed     
تعديل الزواية الحادة للfront suspension
 modify the front suspension angle to be more safe  Abo Abed     
تعديل شكل الfront suspension
 To have a good face look for the vehicle   Abo Abed     
معالجة تسريب المياه بين الواح الطاقة
 to have a good rain cover for the driver and protect the MPPT  Abo Abed     
معالجة تسريب المياه عند البطاريات و كف التحكم
Protect the controllers and the batteries   Abo Abed     
تجهيز الملف للترخيص لدى الدولة للتمكن من البيع خارج لبنان للتمكن من البيع خارج لبنان  Jihad