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MEGBI Planning 2022

Actions and Decisions List-MEGBI_18/1/2022 (xlsx)

TODOs 2022:

    • Make sure of the buyed Penicillin G as Benzathin Penicillin G (2d, Material Costs: …)
    • Quantification of the produced Penicillin G (as Master Thesis)
    • Run the bioreactor in term to produce Penicillin G as pilot plant lab scale (as Master Thesis)
    • Production of Ampicillin from the produced penicillin G (as Master Thesis)
    • Quantification of the produced ampicillin (as Master Thesis)
    • Aspirin production Labscale (time: 2w, staff: 1MM, material costs: 50$) (planned: Feb 2020)

070122-MEGBI TODOs 2022