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MEGBI Planning 2022

MEGBI procurement list 2022

TODOs 2022:

    • Make sure of the buyed Penicillin G as Benzathin Penicillin G (2d, Material Costs: …)
    • Quantification of the produced Penicillin G (as Master Thesis)
    • Run the bioreactor in term to produce Penicillin G as pilot plant lab scale (as Master Thesis)
    • Production of Ampicillin from the produced penicillin G (as Master Thesis)
    • Quantification of the produced ampicillin (as Master Thesis)
    • Aspirin production Labscale (time: 2w, staff: 1MM, material costs: 50$) (planned: Feb 2020)

070122-MEGBI TODOs 2022 

Actions and Decisions List-MEGBI_16/5/2022 (xlsx)

Section TODO(s) Item Remarks Responsible(s) Due Date Status
(open/in work/done)
Penicillin production & quantification   penicillium cultivation in tryptone agar incubation for 4 days Hind 16/5/2022 done  
Penicillium cultivation in liquid medium incubation for 1 week Hind 20/5/2022 done  
Muller-Hilton Agar تحضير      30.5.22 done  
standard antibiotics preparation (disc)       1.6.22 done  

trial & real quantification test

    3.6.22 done  real quantification is stilled

real quantification test

weigh obtained penicillin then the quantification will be applicable   8.8.22 done  

Find another protocol for production 

    10-14.6.22 done  

subculture of penicillium chrysogenum

    14.6.22 done  

culture of penicillium in liquid medium 

    17.6.22 open  
Ampicillin  production & quantification    E.coli and staph aureus culture (amp quantification) incubation for 24 hours Hind 16/5/2022 done  
Making Antibiotic standard solution (amp quantification)   Hind 18/5/2022 done Problem solved
Making Muller-Hinton agar+ autoclave (amp quantification)   Hind 18/5/2022 done  
Autoclave of distilled water, NaCl0.9% and materials required (amp quantification)     18/5/2022 done  
preparation of the standard 0.5MF (amp quantification)     18/5/2022 done  
6APA-R -> 6APA-ester (amp production with buyed penicillin G) (phosphate buffer (to be delivered from Germany on 8./9.6.22)  1 month    10.6.-30.6.22 open   
(amp quantification) (all materials already prepared)  1 week   1.7.-5.7.22 open   
Testing the effectiveness of our  presented ampicillin 2 days   6-7/6/2022 done  
testing the buyed ampicillin into our E.coli strain     15.6.22 open  
Explain and prepare the ampicillin production protocol     15.6.22 open  
Documentation      Whole study of requirements for large scale       open  
additional tasks into the report       done  
Pilot plant production