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Price Lists for 2023 Projects

The current projects we are working on in 2023 include the following:

- Aspirin production on a pilot plant scale

- Aspirin qualification

- Phenylacetic acid production

- Lab upgrades

As such, this page compiles the price lists of the various analyses done on each of these topics.

Aspirin Pilot Plant Production

Here we can find the price list of reagents needed for large-scale aspirin production:

Pilot Plant Scale Aspirin Production            
Reagent Quantity per cycle Quantity ordered Price Reference        
Salicylic acid 1013.5 g 2 kg $101.64 Biosynth Alternatively 5 kg $241.40 Biosynth
Acetic anhydride 2.5 L 5 L $238.87 VWR        
Sulfuric acid*(*We have 440 mL) 125 mL - - -        
Total     $340.51          

Aspirin Qualification

Here we can find the price list of chemicals needed for testing:

Aspirin quality control standard tests according to the Ph.Eur.        
Test Reagent Quantity per experiment Quantity ordered Price Reference Missing Apparatus  
IR absorption Potassium bromide 300-400 mg       IR Spectrophotometer, hydraulic press  
Color test Calcium hydroxide 0.5 g 500 g $63.53 Biosynth    
Color test 2-Nitrobenzaldehyde solution 0.05 mL 0.25 kg $50.82 Biosynth    
Appearance of solution Reference solution B9 For comparision 100 mL $107.70 Reagecon    
Related substances Phosphoric acid         HPLC  
Related substances Acetonitrile         HPLC  
Heavy metals Thioacetamide solution 1.20 mL 25 g (19.7 mL) $69.00 Sigma    
Heavy metals Buffer solution 2 mL 1 L $63.49 Reagecon    
Heavy metals Lead standard solution 10 mL of 1 ppm 100 mL of 100 ppm $127.42 Reagecon   Note: needs to be in water
Loss on drying Diphosphorus pentoxide Amount depends on size of desiccator 500 g $154.00 Sigma vacuum desiccator, weighing bottle  
Sulphated ash Silica gel         crucible, muffle furnace, desiccator  
Assay Phenolphthalein As an indicator 50 g $44.84 VWR    
Total       $680.80      

Finalized Price List

In order to work according to priorities, the first involves ordering large amounts of salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. As for the aspirin qualification, due to the specific apparatus that is required, we have decided to move forward with conducting a melting point test and therefore purchasing that apparatus. As for the remaining tests, those will be done at specialized laboratories, such as the university labs listed by the MOPH in order to register and certify a drug. In addition, this table includes components that are missing from the lab but are vital to the projects we are conducting, both now and in the future. Finally, we have also included the reagents required for phenylacetic acid production.

Title Reagent Quantity ordered Price Reference Total
Aspirin production Acetic anhydride 5 L $150.00 VTC (VWR)/in stock $150.00
Lab Equipment
Separatory funnel (1000 mL)   $32.00 VTC
Complete Buchner filtration apparatus (1000 mL)   $150.00 VTC
Stand   $16.00 VTC
Capillary tubes 100 units $5.00 VTC
Separatory funnel (500 mL)   $20.00 City Med Lab
Safety goggles 3 units $18.00 City Med Lab
Fire Extinguisher 2 kg $12.00  
Distillation (Vacuum)   $90.00 Amazon
Shipping:   $40.00  
Melting point apparatus   $200.00 Alibaba
Shipping:   $130.00  
PAA production
Methyphenyl acetate 1 kg $210.00 VTC
Sodium hydroxide (2M) 1 kg $5.00  
Ether 2.5 L $125.00 VTC
Na2SO4 1 kg $17.00 VTC
Total     $1,220.00   $1,220.00