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AS-COMSAT Planning and Controlling 2022

  Section Subsections TODO Item Remarks Responsible Due Date Status
(open/in work/done)
COM Tranceiver Board Ground<->Board    wrap GNU-radio part into usable transceiver-kit    Abudi  03.07.22  in work
apps definition      05.07.22  
apps development      10.07.22  
integrate transceiver-kit into apps      13.07.22  
AIS->Board        17.07.22  
use it with rasp-pi test tranceiving capability   Raja    
Antenna          30.07.22  
ACS Sunsensor      nanoSSOC-D60 digital sun sensor - CubeSatShop.com Abudi  15.8.22  
Magnettorquer      ISIS Magnetorquer board (iMTQ) - CubeSatShop.com N.N.   15.8.22  
Command    Raspberry     N.N.    
  Assembling    on Table        20.8.22  
  A muster        30.8.22  
  B muster          
  C muster          
  tranportation planning