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ICPT Planning/Controlling 2022

Last update: 19.08.22

  Action&Decision List 19/08/22        
Section TODO Item Responsible Status
(open/in work/done)
Notes  due date
elektrolyser PLC points wiring Kassem


elektrolyser writing the programm for the PLC Kassem


elektrolyser adding the current to the plant  Kassem done 1d  
elektrolyser making flow chart/sequence diagram  Kassem  done 1d  

File Modbus Address for PLC points (done)


Kassem done 3d  
elektrolyser system testing of the whole system without the current for the electrolysis  Abdullah and Kassem done last  
electrolyser system testing the whole systeme with the current (todos before test - test spec - testing - documentation of results)  Kassem, Abdullah  in progress  2d  03.09. - 05.09.2022
electrolyser Test after increase the KOH concentration  Abdullah and Kassem Othman open 1d  06.09.2022
electrolyser Test of the membranes Abdullah and Kassem done     
electrolyser change the power supply Kassem done 1d  
electrolyser update the changed part in the electrolyser in the FreeCad design Othman  in process 2d  07.09.-10.09.2022
electrolyser change the membranes and the gasgets Othman done 3d   30.08 - 03.09.2022
electrolyser change hydrogen nozzle Othman  done 1d  
 electrolyser  change the camera cable way  Othman  done  1d  15.07.2022
electrolyser define the requirements for the new electrolyser (3rd step of the multistage electrolyser ) Abdullah 
Must be passed on to another person 
in process  1d   29.08.2022
electrolyser clean the terrace floor from the koh   Othman done 1d  
ashes recycling updating the wanted parts and install them  Othman done 1d  30.5.2022
ashes recycling PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM (hardware) Kassem  in process 7d  31.8-2.8.2022
ashes recycling writing the programm for the PLC Kassem done 3d  14.-17.6.2022
ashes recycling GUI Kassem done  3d  18.-21.6.2022
ashes recycling sequence diagramm Kassem done 1d  22.6.2022
ashes recycling testing the ashes recyclicling process control system with water  Abdullah and Kassem  open 1d  24.6.2022
ashes recycling  Weld the holes and change the joints  Othman and Qammah in process 2d  
ashes recycling testing with colored water and oil Abdullah and Kassem  open 2d  25.-27.6.2022
ashes recycling install the motor and the gear on top of the column  Othman and Kammah in prcess    
ashes recycling deliver the chemicals needed for the extraction Abdullah in process 1d  17.5.2022
ashes recycling testing with the chemicals Abdullah and Kassem  open 2d  when the cheicals ariive from China
ashes recycling updating the freecad design  othman open    
ashes recycling define the requirements for the current column Abdullah open  1d  


construct or buy a heat exchanger  Mariam Elrez done      


Define the dimensions of the heat exchanger and define a suitable compressor.  Mariam Elrez in process 1 W  


calculating how much pressure the pipes endure Mariam Elrez done 1d  
LOX  order, a to the pipes suitable, oil free O2 compressor Mariam Elrez  in process 2d  
LOX  order one tank of  the R508B Mariam Elrez in progress 2d  
LOX  GUI Kassem done    
LOX  Process control system Kassem in process    
LOX define the parts needed for the controling (sensors and actors) Abdullah and Mariam Elrez and Raja dpne     
LOX defining the requirements  Abdullah in process 1d  
LOX updaiting the free cad design othman open    
LOX manufacture the heat exchanger Othman open    
LOX calculating the dimensions of the separator Mariam Elrez open    
Exhaust bonnet the improvement of the door  othman open    
biogas reactor  define the dimension neede for the dinniya Abdullah in process    
biogas reactor 

define the material from which is made the digester 
and the other parts of the equipment

Abdullah in process    
biogas reactor 

find out if we need heating 

Abdullah in process    

define the dimension needed in the dinniya and define the materials 

Abdullah in process    


in pprocess



the gantt diagram of icpt tasks :





N.B :

daily uploads and documentation on the site is required (for all the projects)



ICPT Actions- and Decisions List 2022 (xlsx)

TODOs 2022 (pptx)