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ICPT Planning/Controlling 2022

Last update: 17.05.22

  Action&Decision List 17/03/22        
Section TODO Item Responsible Status
(open/in work/done)
Notes  due date
elektrolyser PLC points wiring Kassem


elektrolyser writing the programm for the PLC Kassem


3d 17.-20.5.22
elektrolyser adding the current to the plant (power supply from China, arriving 9.6.22 insha Allah) (to be put into plastic panel)  Kassem  open 1d  10.6.22
elektrolyser making flow chart/sequence diagram  Kassem and Mariam El Rez  open 1d  27.5.22
elektrolyser   GUI  Kassem  open 3d  21.-25.5.22
elektrolyser system testing of the whole system without the current for the electrolysis  Abdullah and Kassem  open last  28.5.22
electrolyser system testing the whole systeme with the current (todos before test - test spec - testing - documentation of results)  Kassem, Abdullah, Uthman, Mariam  open  2d  11.-13.6.2022
ashes recycling updating the wanted parts and install them  Kassem  open 1d  30.5.2022
ashes recycling PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEM (hardware) Kassem  open 7d  31.5-8.6.2022
ashes recycling writing the programm for the PLC Kassem  open 3d  14.-17.6.2022
ashes recycling GUI Kassem  open 3d  18.-21.6.2022
ashes recycling sequence diagramm Kassem open 1d  22.6.2022
ashes recycling testing the ashes recyclicling process control system with water  Abdullah and Kassem  open 1d  24.6.2022
ashes recycling testing with colored water and oil Abdullah and Kassem  open 2d  25.-27.6.2022
ashes recycling deliver the chemicals needed for the extraction Abdullah  open 1d  17.5.2022
ashes recycling testing with the chemicals Abdullah and Kassem  open 2d  when the cheicals ariive from China

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